God showed me the future, train me and ask me to solve the World’s problems

I am equipped with a brain that is 10000 times the normal and is even faster than the most advanced quantum computer. God taught me everything and He command me to solve all the problems of the world. I can create an invention every hour and technologies out of this world. I can sample data and create hundreds of view to find any solution you want and know what the results is even without trying the full load. That is my secret of my extraordinary skills. All I need is the internet to watch a video read a news report or any scientific report and identify the problem. Within 1 hour I can get you any solutions and paths or strategy you need to succeed.


Our Mission : To raise money with God’s Technologies to create and Fund a Perfect World

In 2012, God gave me a vision of the future, and showed me many technologies of the future which is not of this world, and I was tasked to solve poverty and dieseases and gather God’s people for the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And the rules of the game is that billions of advance technologies will be revealed to me but not a single cent of money as our God is not a God of money. With God’s help I will need to gather all God’s people to achieve this aim, to make the world perfect again for Jesus to come back to rule for 1000 years.

God gave me the ability to look into the future, to study and research any info that is online, into any technology, to hack, dis-assemble and re-assemble to study it’s technologies, and create a future that most likely the technology will succeed, without wasting resources, what it take others to do years of research to achieve, I can do it in hours. I am not interested to take over any technologies and patent it, but stop patent holders from putting roadblocks to human progress. Since I started on this journey until I completed all my works in 2012 and released it freely until today, I have not received a single cent in donations to fund my works, but eventually when I start my own Non Profit, I cannot afford to do any free service.

I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours. I am now on a quest to build this Super Artificial Intelligence which can solve any problems in this world which I am the blueprint.

In the End times, everybody is involved to hide the truth of God. The US government does not want me to release my technologies and tech giants like Google will collapse overnight when their searches will no longer in demand.  Even the Singapore Government is involved to prevent me from making a decent living. All want to make me a mental patient and disabled so I cannot save the entire world and fulfill God’s promises.  Whatever I have done since 2012 has not yielded a single cent, not even funding or loans from anywhere in Singapore/America. But soon, everything will change when God intervenes.

And if I achieve this task I will be seated at the right hand of Jesus when he comes back to rule over the United Nations as an adviser, and I will celebrate my own wedding with a bride chosen by God. What a blessings I have with God who reveals all prophesies to me ahead of the time. I am going to setup my Non Profit to solve all problems in this world, I believe everyone should have free access to a decent meal, and free access to info and technologies with a smartphone or a laptop and hope God’s people will help me with fundraising to achieve this aim. May God bless you.

Contributed by Oogle.


Execution stage to setup my Non Profit in May 2020

I have already registered my domain http://www.itfornonprofitsg.org

Next once I achieved all my financial goals I will registered my Non Profit to be headquartered in Singapore to serve a worldwide audience. 

Just like every human being needs to have access to free food, there is a need for every human to be able to communicate effectively using IT products like a smartphone or a laptop with Internet. More so with Non Profit organisation to support their fund raising needs. My mission is to help Non Profit solve this problem thru education, fund raising,  and share their burden so as to achieve their goals also.

My present aim is to help Non Profit in Singapore. Later we will expand our operations worldwide to help governments solve their problems once we raised enough funds. We believe in education and will invest heavily in trainning everyone how to survive in the New Economy. Our goals is a uphill task to achieve everything we want to do by working with churches, religious groups to help achieve what God wants me to do using this channel. Nothing will stop me from reaching my goals, it is just a matter of time.

Timing is everything. I will donate most of my monies to further my cause of helping the poor and underprivileged and working with others to solve problems in IT. Target date will be after Singapore General Elections when there is a change of Government or else whatever I do will not yield any results.

Contributed by Oogle.


The Bread of Life Foundation (We will first fund free food for those 55 and above)

http://www.thebreadoflife.org – Planning Stage. 

Objectives; Setup a chain of restuarants serving basic local dishes for paying customers and at the same time, the primary objective is to feed the sick and needy, creating a social buffer for the poor, funded solely by donations. When this is successful, will work with local supermarkets to provide low cost/free fresh food and provisions for the old, sick and needy. Will also work with healthcare organisations to provide free/cheap healthcare at home/in clinics/hospitals for the needy. 

Location ; Startup in Singapore, then create a chain store concept which can be franchised out to interested parties, but primary social work funded by the Foundation. Next China, then other third world countries, in major cities around the world, working with local authorities and government. 

Message ; To spread the “New Economy” concept, self help group to solve local problems themselves, and the right of every human being to given a free meal and not go hungry, and the will to get everyone out of the poverty cycle. 

Publicity ; To complete a book on “The Ultimate Knowledge” and spread the “New Economy” concept, and get everyone in every country out of the poverty cycle. 

Donations ; Funded solely by donations to be raised by contributions from individuals, corporations and government. If need arises, will trade solving problems for others for donations and contributions. 

Targeted individuals for aid ; Work with local authorities, christian organisations, hospitals, prison self help groups, and economic relief organisations. 

Work concepts ; Branches to situated near MRTs or high traffic yield, or in city area where transport is easily accessable by the masses. Each branch will ideally have a basic van to provide distribution of food/grocery to the homes of the old, sick and needy. If successful this concept will also help revive the local economy by creating demand for food, vegetables, grocery and also work for the unemployed. Very heavy responsibilty as the amount of resources will be very great, so proper planning and controls must be in place, with the support and contributions of local government, should only break even. The idea is to provide self help in times of need, not a permanent solution or a lifelong one, until the individual is able to get up on their feet to be economically viable again. Access to aid will be distributed by coupons. 

Ideals : “No one will help you unless you help yourselves.” This is intended to be a buffer for the needy in times of need, and other messages and working with other self help groups to teach about “Green concepts”, “Aids prevention”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and “Antiwar, antinuclear” ideals, with work with other voluntary organisations. 

Accounting and Control ; Each branch must have a computer, broadband connections with a simple POS keyboard to key in daily sales, coupons used which will be sent back to main branch Accounts Dept for reporting and budgeting & controls, which must not fall into deficit. If proper controls are exercised, I am confident there shouldn’t be any problem in Singapore but China is going to be a big headache, but I am sure there are ways to walk around this problem. 

Others ; The franchise restuarant can also sell drinks, but I would rather not support one that serve alcohol or cigerettes. Different countries, there will be different concepts, to cater to the local taste and demand. 

Please sent all proposals to ; admin@itfornonprofitsg.org

Vision 2020 The expansion of Elim Church AOG

Vision 2020 The expansion of Elim Church AOG with a new building and I will raise the first S$100K before end 2020

 “A Smart and Green Building with AI and Automation that provides a temporary shelter to caters to the homeless and distressed caused by family issues with a small unmanned minimart and an automated dining/cook area”.

And how am I going to achieve everything? By training everybody in the Gig economy. For me to move forward, everybody needs to move forward with me. There are millions of new jobs everywhere, from IT, developers, software programmers, support staff, digital marketers, traders, content providers, every single course I went thru is listed for free and available if you are a Patreon, or $10 a month if you are not. If you need to be certified for your skills, then chose an online course at Udemy.com, it will not cost much and learning is as easy as watching a video.

I cam capable to provide free training for Elim Church AOG for it’s members first even providing all my technical support and equipment for live broadcasting to broadcast it’s services on social media, and train all the necessary staff to provide free/subsidised support services to other churches and non profits to attract the public and donations.

There are hundreds of ways I can achieve all my goals. You will see all the action after March 2020. Do not expect everything to be done overnight, but all will be completed by end 2020.

1) Provide free food for those above 55 at Bendemeer Food Centre under Elim Church AOG.

2) Solve Willing Heart’s food delivery issue to feed the poor by using GrabFood.

3) Help Salvation Army Red Industries to train volunteers to do donated PC repairs.

4) Donate food and supplies and necessities to Ren Ci Homes, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital for the Aged by buying from Sheng Siong supermart.

5) Sponsor an app for HWWA for the disabled to get around in public transport,  MRT, buses and book a transport for disabled taxi, location of public toilets etc.

We provide free service for Non profit to setup of their IT systems

We provide free service for Non profit to setup of their IT systems;

We are able to setup both Desktop and Servers(Linux), different OS, even mobile platforms, webhosting and customisation of applications(not free) and even multimedia(YouTube etc) and database(MySQL and DB2) . We are also experts in using social media to promote your cause like Google+, Facebook and Twitter and can easily devise a strategy to make full use of the advertising media based on your budget. We can ensure your success because we are an all rounder, we are capable of extreme fund raising as we have the necessary expertise in economics, real estate, stock trading, futures, event management, interactive media, and are experts in internet technologies, that is the reason we are able to create a future roadmap of all technologies. If you have a project you need our help, you can contact me at 84856463. Thank you.

From : The Management.

We would like to thank contributors, $20K has been collected and distributed to needy residents of Yorkhill


Thanks to all kind donors. More than $20,000/- collected, to support needy family at one room rental HDB at Yorkhill. – Fion Phua.