Micro Credit for Social Entreprises(Entreprenuers)(Pending)

Micro Credit for Social Entreprises(Entreprenuers)(Pending)

We intend to support micro credit for Social Entreprises(Enterprenuers) teach the participants how to create work like sewing, bakery etc and will take advantage of WTS (Workfare Training Schemes) to provide funding to those who cannot afford it by paying for their skills upgrading courses, or teach them and give them small interest free loans up to $500 for them to start an entreprise at home. It will totally help the low income move upwards by funding their education and the methods to survive in the global economy, eradicating poverty within a lifetime altogether. This proposal is still pending awaiting the results of self funding ourselves.

One area is the training for many workers for good paying jobs like being nanny to young infants for taking care of mothers who are expecting child birth, and the training of caregivers for those who are old age or bedridden.

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Cost to cost for IT purchases by Non Profit

Cost to cost for IT purchases by Non Profit

We support the work by Non-profit organisations, and we provide cost to cost for hardware purchases, consultancy and to provide our expert services at the lowest costs possible, so that they can help others in return. If there are other needs by Non-profit, we would even consider FREE services on a case by case basis, we need to help you raise funds or find sponsors if there are hardware purchases involved, if not there will be only a $25 transport charge for evaluation, we will provide all estimates for approval by your management before we start work, and for FREE services is also subject to our approval. You can contact the management at 87796948 or email : admin@itfornonprofitsg.org

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