Target S$500K Pledges required by Elim Church AOG to fund overseas missionaries

Target S$500K Pledges required by Elim Church AOG to fund overseas missionaries

I will help fund all the donations by ;

1) Under Development, an online skills sharing website where we will conduct courses on skills upgrading especially on ;

a) The New Economy and Socialism

b) The Market Dynamics of the New Economy

c) A Victorious Christian Life

*Free Trial Run for the month of June 2013, thereafter course fees collected will be used to fund Elim Church Overseas Missionaries. Discount Code : FREE4JUN

*A Class on Entreprenuership;
1) Preventing Destructive Competition
2) Determining Demand before Supply
3) Knowing market dynamics
4) Towards a Perfect Economy
5) Fishing in the New Economy

2) Licence and complete any of my technologies or inventions on my websites. My time for compensation is not included.

3) Solve any problems you face and need solutions, I will breakdown any processes and provide you all the possible solutions.

4) How about a project to broadcast a Gospel channel over the Internet? I can setup within 7 days to broadcast recorded Sermons and link to your website without charge. Completed.

5) Proposed Christian Concert. Ticket Sales : SISTIC Staging : Unusual Productions. Venue : Elim Church. Concert : Music For Mission. Artistes : HillSong.

Interested? Call Maureen Seow(Regional Pastor) at 62982204.

New Category of Non Profit Social enterprises

There should be a New Category of Business
*Social Enterprise that runs as a sole proprietor
*Practically non-profit
*Raises funds by itself, no public fund raising
*Unlimited liabilities
*Can be sole proprietor or partnership
Anyone interested? I will be the first one to register.

Example. I can setup a bakery that employs handicapped persons, where my goals are not for profit, I will fall under this category. There should be a (Non Profit) tag after the business name, and can easily employs 1 million people worldwide, creating jobs for many people and support at least 250,000 new social enterprises worldwide.

If you are a Non Profit in Singapore, and if you have Needs, I will help you match with sponsors

If you are a Non Profit in Singapore, and if you have Needs, I will help you match with sponsors

Not only that, if you are in my list of beneficiaries, I can also help you to raise funds, and think of a solution to solve any of your problems. Please provide very clear details if you are an organisation, as everything is subjected to the rules of the government, as an individual you can also approach me for help, and I will try to direct you to the right organisation, or personally help you to solve your problems, or post on my website so that others may help you also. Please direct all emails to

Micro Credit for Social Entreprises(Entreprenuers)(Pending)

Micro Credit for Social Entreprises(Entreprenuers)(Pending)

We intend to support micro credit for Social Entreprises(Enterprenuers) teach the participants how to create work like sewing, bakery etc and will take advantage of WTS (Workfare Training Schemes) to provide funding to those who cannot afford it by paying for their skills upgrading courses, or teach them and give them small interest free loans up to $500 for them to start an entreprise at home. It will totally help the low income move upwards by funding their education and the methods to survive in the global economy, eradicating poverty within a lifetime altogether. This proposal is still pending awaiting the results of self funding ourselves.

One area is the training for many workers for good paying jobs like being nanny to young infants for taking care of mothers who are expecting child birth, and the training of caregivers for those who are old age or bedridden.

The Management.

Cost to cost for IT purchases by Non Profit

Cost to cost for IT purchases by Non Profit

We support the work by Non-profit organisations, and we provide cost to cost for hardware purchases, consultancy and to provide our expert services at the lowest costs possible, so that they can help others in return. If there are other needs by Non-profit, we would even consider FREE services on a case by case basis, we need to help you raise funds or find sponsors if there are hardware purchases involved, if not there will be only a $25 transport charge for evaluation, we will provide all estimates for approval by your management before we start work, and for FREE services is also subject to our approval. You can contact the management at 87796948 or email :

From : The Management

The Bread of Life Foundation (We will first fund free food for those 55 and above) – Planning Stage. 

Objectives; Setup a chain of restuarants serving basic local dishes for paying customers and at the same time, the primary objective is to feed the sick and needy, creating a social buffer for the poor, funded solely by donations. When this is successful, will work with local supermarkets to provide low cost/free fresh food and provisions for the old, sick and needy. Will also work with healthcare organisations to provide free/cheap healthcare at home/in clinics/hospitals for the needy. 

Location ; Startup in Singapore, then create a chain store concept which can be franchised out to interested parties, but primary social work funded by the Foundation. Next China, then other third world countries, in major cities around the world, working with local authorities and government. 

Message ; To spread the “New Economy” concept, self help group to solve local problems themselves, and the right of every human being to given a free meal and not go hungry, and the will to get everyone out of the poverty cycle. 

Publicity ; To complete a book on “The Ultimate Knowledge” and spread the “New Economy” concept, and get everyone in every country out of the poverty cycle. 

Donations ; Funded solely by donations to be raised by contributions from individuals, corporations and government. If need arises, will trade solving problems for others for donations and contributions. 

Targeted individuals for aid ; Work with local authorities, christian organisations, hospitals, prison self help groups, and economic relief organisations. 

Work concepts ; Branches to situated near MRTs or high traffic yield, or in city area where transport is easily accessable by the masses. Each branch will ideally have a basic van to provide distribution of food/grocery to the homes of the old, sick and needy. If successful this concept will also help revive the local economy by creating demand for food, vegetables, grocery and also work for the unemployed. Very heavy responsibilty as the amount of resources will be very great, so proper planning and controls must be in place, with the support and contributions of local government, should only break even. The idea is to provide self help in times of need, not a permanent solution or a lifelong one, until the individual is able to get up on their feet to be economically viable again. Access to aid will be distributed by coupons. 

Ideals : “No one will help you unless you help yourselves.” This is intended to be a buffer for the needy in times of need, and other messages and working with other self help groups to teach about “Green concepts”, “Aids prevention”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and “Antiwar, antinuclear” ideals, with work with other voluntary organisations. 

Accounting and Control ; Each branch must have a computer, broadband connections with a simple POS keyboard to key in daily sales, coupons used which will be sent back to main branch Accounts Dept for reporting and budgeting & controls, which must not fall into deficit. If proper controls are exercised, I am confident there shouldn’t be any problem in Singapore but China is going to be a big headache, but I am sure there are ways to walk around this problem. 

Others ; The franchise restuarant can also sell drinks, but I would rather not support one that serve alcohol or cigerettes. Different countries, there will be different concepts, to cater to the local taste and demand. 

Please sent all proposals to ;